Hostel & Winery

"Valle Divino"

A magic place

We are a family entrepeneurship located in El Valle de la Concepción, Tarija, Bolivia where visitors can find unique experiences in our guided house tour that includes a museum, the vineyards and crafted wines tasting. We also provide accommodation that gives our travellers the opportunity to enjoy Tarija's countryside and Valle Divino's attractions.


Follow our guided house tour into the Ethnographic Museum "Rio Camacho" with Tarija's daily use artifacts from previous times. Walk around the vineyards where couples can enter "The Love Tunnel", admire the "Solar Watch" and ask for a wish in "La Apacheta". Walk into the crafted wines cellar "La Cava de Pastor" and taste the wines at "La Vinería". Take pictures under a roof of vines at "Cielo Valluno" and finally meet closely the house's guardian "El Duende Chapaco".

Take part in the one and only "Ceremonia del Vino por Metros" where the house owner Jesús Romero guides you through a unique ceremony opening a demijohn "Dama Juana", sharing his thoughts about the wine meaning and invites guests in the audience to drink 2 meters of wine.

Larger groups can enjoy full day activities like "Competencias Vínicas" and "Probando mi vino" where wine tasting requires skills and knowledge.

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Taste 8 types of handcrafted wines from our winery under the brand "El Infiernillo".

Sweet Wines

Dry Wines

  • Mix Blanco...  joyful.
  • Moscatel de Alejandría...  beautiful.
  • Mix Rosado...  heartbreaker.
  • Sangiovese...  loveful.
  • Mix Tinto...  friendly.

  • Merlot...  powerful.
  • Moscatel-Merlot...  reliable.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon...  liveful.


We offer country-side accommodation for travellers in El Valle de la Concepción and Tarija. We have rooms with private bathroom: double, family, family double, family triple, triple that include Satellite TV* and WiFi**.

. Larger groups or budget travellers can take advantage of rooms with shared bathroom and bunk beds for 10, 14 and 22 people or the Campsite.

Our installations have free parking lot, barbecue area, dining hall and vineyards. We serve breaksfast, lunch, dinner and other meals through our restaurant service.

* Satellite TV is avaliable on selected rooms.

** Free WiFi in common areas with a limit per device per day .

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Our facilities can host plenty of social activity regarding Marriages, Graduations, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Family Meetings, Conferences, Seminars.
Music and data display equipment is also available.

Club-Karaoke "Jandango" is available on requirement.

We can serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and special meals for any occasion.

Longer events can accomodate guests in rooms with shared and private bathroom up to 80 people.